The latests developments from F101

Marching forward

For 2016, the focus was on F101’s design, building the prototype and getting out on the water. We then moved into test phase to prove the concept of the platform, both in the UK and in Spain. We have now successfully carried out extensive test sailing sessions and the F101 has come through this phase surpassing all our expectations. It really does do everything that we envisaged and more.

One of our test team even managed a full capsize, to date this has proved very difficult to do - indeed this was the first capsize in anger away from the safe confines of the marina in an early experiment. He successfully righted the boat with ease, using the pre-planned method of flooding one outrigger, sinking this to get the boat to 90 degrees and then righting conventionally. The outrigger then self-drains and off you go - we are however not convinced by his claims that this was intentional for testing purposes!

The next phase is moving into full production. The prototype had a number of components that were custom made, or borrowed from other boats and so we are now finalising the F101’s specific, purpose designed components. These are well underway and the two pre-production boats are planned to be ready in time for the RYA Suzuki Dinghy Show.

We're on YouTube! We recently added some great new videos to our YouTube channel, check it out here!

F101 Technical Developments

Some of the projects we have underway...


We are developing a new custom alloy rudder stock with locking mechanism. The tooling is being built and first production stocks will be with us in February.


The tooling is being CNC cut in aluminium blocks. The foils will be two-piece so that the horizontal can be detached for shipping, or replacement. We have also produced a neat custom lock that will hold the foil up when on a trolley and sailing in shallow waters.


As you will see from these photo’s we have been testing a new code Zero. This has tested really well and also looks great! These designs are now being finalised for production at Hydes loft.


This has had many versions in order to satisfy a number of pre-requisites including a robust structure to keep the boat stable; as well as launching, trailing and shipping requirements. 


We have been working closely with our partner Harken, in putting together the best and most efficient sail control package. While most of what we needed is standard off the shelf items, we needed to develop a modified furler for the Zero – the excellent news here, is that Harken immediately rose to the challenge and are now developing a production furler system. We should see the prototype at the RYA Suzuki Dinghy Show!

The NEW Code Zero

As mentioned above we have been testing a new Code Zero (and settled on a name for it!). Richard Lovering from Hyde Sails joined us for our latest session in Spain to help with development and design thoughts. The original nylon Zero worked well but quickly got taken over, so a flatter, smaller solution was needed. The new Zero performed much better and, with a few small tweaks, will be what we move forward with. A few people have questioned the necessity of the Zero, which is a fair question, What we have found is the following:

Why have a Code Zero?

  • Reduced foiling take-off wind speed from 8 knots to 6 knots
  • Gets the boat very deep and fast off-wind in 8-12 knots
  • Provides a whole new level of fun and challenges to sailing the boat
  • Increases the versatility of the boat in terms of wind speed and weight carrying ability
  • When sailing 2 up it becomes the crew’s focus for trimming, furling etc.
  • Can be utilised in wind ranges up to 15 knots

1+1 = Sailing 2 up!

We have done some more testing of the boat 2 up. We are currently working to finalise a maximum recommended weight, as this clearly loads the boat up considerably, but it is great fun, just as fast and adds a new dimension. Take your friends, partners and/or children out for a spin and make it fun for everyone!

F101's latest YouTube videos...

Coming to the RYA Suzuki Dinghy Show

See one of our pre-production F101 boats on the Harken stand at the RYA Suzuki Dinghy Show, stand G8, right next to the Suzuki Main Stage. Alan, Jerry and F101 Designer, Ron Price, will all be on hand to answer your questions. We will have our order book handy as well as a Dinghy Show special launch offer!

Buy your tickets here!

Pre-production boats to be on display at the RYA Suzuki Dinghy Show!

Hello everyone!

It has been a very busy few weeks since we launched the F101.


We have been trying to get out sailing the F101 as much as we can, and after a few sessions in Brightlingsea, we moved the prototype down to the Pro-Vela base in Mar Menor, Spain so that we could enjoy warmer weather and more reliable breeze. We have now been down in Spain for 2 sessions, one with the principle builders, designer and suppliers, and a second session where we were able to get 2 full days sailing in and move forward plenty of our development plans. We will be back in Spain in early January for another round.


In terms of development, we will now try a new design code zero, we will try some different stiffness masts, plenty of work on different foils and control mechanisms, a 2nd version of the tramps and some new layouts of deck fittings. At the same time the Design team are finalising the foil designs and locking mechanisms, so that we can get the tooling built, and finalising the design of the compression struts and their components.

Pre-production boats!

We will now build two pre-production boats which will become the final test bed boats prior to the F101 going into full production with a target date of early Summer 2017. The plan is for these two pre-production boats to be on display at the RYA Dinghy Exhibition on 4th-5th March. 

In terms of Marketing and Sales, there has been enormous interest from all around the world, the response has been incredible and we are very confident that the F101 will make a major impact during 2017. We are talking to various organisations and people about becoming dealers, and a number of individuals have already booked build slots. For anybody interested in booking a build slot, or wanting to talk to us about representing us please contact us at We are finalising all the component costs now, and we should be able to publish the price of F101 during January 2017.

"Wishing you all a great Xmas, and looking forward to an exciting new Year!" 

Alan and Jerry

The all-new Foiling 101 launches!

Introducing Foiling 101

Foiling for everyone...

The all carbon F101 is an all-new foiling trimaran, aimed specifically at those sailors who, for whatever reason, thought foiling to be too difficult for them!

The F101 concept originates from the experience of teaching many people to foil in the international Moth class, and addressing the main barriers they faced. So we set about creating a new boat without the design restrictions of a box rule - in this way foiling could be made easier.

Our ethos is simple; to create a foiling boat that anyone can sail.

F101 design features

  • A strict one-design foiling boat capable of carrying larger sailors and/or a passenger/crew
  • All carbon design
  • A safe/stable platform when foiling or at low speeds
  • Able to launch and land from a trolley in shallow water
  • Easy to rig, sail and handle

The technical stuff...

Long central hull gets the rudder and main foil further apart, removing some of the limitations and bad habits that other foiling boats suffer from.

  • All carbon construction: main hull, foils, floats, beams, 2 piece mast.
  • Very simple, well thought out control systems.
  • All up weight: 80 kg
  • Sail area: 8.5m2 main + 7m2 gennaker
  • Target crew weight range: 70-120 kg
  • Take off wind speed: 8 kts
  • Target boat speed range: 10-25 kts

Who’s behind the project?

The F101 is a collaboration of some of the major brands within the marine industry.

  • – worldwide distributors for the SB20 one-design Sportsboat
  • – the world’s first foiling school, teaching foiling since 2009
  • – one of the worlds leading brands for small racing multihulls as well as the builder of the SB20 and Whisper foiling catamaran
  • Ron Price of Solent University – designer of the Whisper foiling catamaran
  • Hyde Sails, Selden masts and Harken have all been an integral part of the deign group
  • A new company, Foiling World Ltd has been incorporated and will be the trading company for the F101