Winter foiling news, the 2018 review


Hi Tribe,
It's the end of another year in the life of the F101 and we feel that we now have real momentum as we go into 2019. The first newsletter of 2019 will look at the key areas that underpin our philosophy, namely the boat, people and venues, but more of that in 2019. As it’s the end of 2018 it seems appropriate to look backwards, rather than forwards!

Consolidation has been key for us in 2018, confirming that we are happy with production. We have also changed a number of parts on the boat as the early adopters have reported back. Key changes have been:

  • Re-designed jib cleat brackets

  • New kicker / boom take off

  • Clear calibration system

From a production viewpoint all these small changes have given us a reliability and calibration system that allows everyone to fly and fly consistently as they develop their foiling skills. In fact the one surprise that will be taken away from 2018 has been the amazing ability of the F101 to cope with such a diverse range of sailing abilities. 2018 has seen it cope with sailors foiling who have just learned to sail, through to our highest ages of Charly at 73 owning a boat in the US, through to Alan's father Dave (83) driving his son around the Mar Menor. This year there have been many sailors taking their children for sails and most incredibly EVERYONE foiled!

Early events for the F101 have also shown that this versatility is taken into the racing, with racing format experiments taking place giving sailors the ability to share boats. Added into the mix is the way that the TRIBE are key to deciding how the class develops with an emphasis on coaching as well as events open to sailors of different abilities and boat ownership options. We have just put some options out to the existing TRIBE, with provisional dates for a European circuit in 2019 which will expand in future years to an international format.

Looking ahead to 2019
At present we are planning to winter at Pro Vela in Spain, moving to France as it warms up and then visiting the UK for the summer before transferring back to Spain for an Autumn and winter programme. Once we have feedback from the TRIBE we will confirm this in the next newsletter in January.
In 2019 we will be focusing on coaching, to get new and existing TRIBE members further down the foiling experience. This will primarily be run by Alan and Rob (who are both not ones to promote themselves) but in this case we have run a brief CV which shows how qualified they really are to run this level of coaching.


Alan Hillman

RYA Windsurfing Scheme manager: responsible for the teaching scheme
Founder of the the worlds first dedicated foiling school
Author of the Foiling Dinghy BookPro Vela: set-up foiling training modules
Extreme Sailing Series: Event Director
National Champion dinghy titles

Foil with a friend.jpg

Rob Andrews

Olympic Coach: (1983 – 2004) + developed RYA Race Training scheme
Olympic Sailing / Venue manager London 2012 Olympics
Project manager: BAR Land Rover Academy and Ineos Rebels UK
– winners 2016 Youth Americas Cup
European and national dinghy titles

Coaching event
Date: 7-8 February 2019
Location: Mar Menor, Spain

Alan Hillman and Rob Andrews will be running a Learn to Fly course for prospective F101 purchasers on the 7th and 8th February 2019. This course will take place in Spain at Pro-Vela in the Mar Menor, Murcia, the winter base for one of our Tribes.

The Learn to Fly course is for those who really want to know the basics about foiling, and how to get the most from their F101. The course covers aspects such as how the boat works, rigging and tuning, pre-flight checks and safety, launching/landing, the secure position, turning around, tiller and main sheet management, how to deploy, furl and sail with the Zero, sailing fundamentals of weight, steering and trim, controlling the boat when foiling, points of sailing and speeding up the turns.

If you race a dinghy at your club and can manage a Laser in planing conditions then you are good enough to start learning how to fly. 

Cost: £500 including a copy of Alan’s “The Dinghy Foiling Book.”
This cost is fully refundable upon the purchase of a new or used F101 from Foiling World in 2019. 

Booking: to book a course please confirm as soon as possible via e-mail to or call Alan on 07917 678299 and we will send out an invoice and joining instructions to you.

* Course cost refunded in full when ordering an F101.

Alan & daughter Naomi.jpg

Lastly the one big idea coming out of 2018 was to make foiling more accessible. To this end we now have the TRIBE class at events where you share boats, so bring along a friend or better still share the cost of owning, transporting and maintaining a boat. We will also be running coaching clinics on a more regular basis and these will be run before any of the F101 TRIBE events. With a spare boat at all events there is a great opportunity for new foilers or existing foilers to try the F101 and charter for the F101 TRIBE events.
New boats for sale
If you want to join the TRIBE we are taking orders for build slots in 2019 and with the F101 being exhibited at the Paris and Toronto Boat Show in December and January respectively, then we encourage those keen on joining the TRIBE in 2019 to get a build slot as soon as possible.

Refurbished boats for sale
We also have some refurbished boats at reduced prices available for immediate delivery, so it's a great time to join the TRIBE in Spain for some winter / sunny training time.

Prices start at £12,000 ex VAT and contact for the full specification of these boats.

November Newsletter 2018


Hi Tribe,

The big event in November has been the last Tribal Gathering of 2018. Sailed from the Pro Vela site in Mar De Crystal, Mar Menor, Spain. Sailors travelled from the USA, Canada, Holland, Spain, Norway, Argentina and GBR. Training took place on the Friday, followed by racing and coaching over the weekend. As the sailors were of mixed foiling experience the courses / coaching was designed to allow everyone to improve their foiling skills, as well as race.
Racing on Saturday and Sunday followed the usual Tribal Gathering format of the racing window being communicated via the Tribe WhatsApp group for the event. With the window suiting the conditions it allowed sailors, friends and family to maximise their time in Spain by either sailing, doing other activities or socialising.

Those that wanted to talk foiling technology were not disappointed as Ron Price, designer of the Whisper and F101 was on-site with the Tribe for the full gathering.

Check out why Tribal gatherings are different to any normal sailing event via Rob's interview with below. 

"A time for change. Ideas from Rob Andrews put into practice with the F101 Tribal gatherings."

This Tribal gathering event also allowed sailors to sail in the number of races that suited them, whilst still enabling them get a score. The Warrior prizes went to those who sailed every race and the Tribe trophy to those who teamed up with a friend and alternated the races, whilst having a well earned rest from the comfort of the committee boat. 

After eighteen fun packed short, sharp races, sailed over two days, Jerry Hill was crowned Chief of the F101 Tribe at the last Tribal gathering of 2018. As he sailed all races, he also took the Warrior title. Martijn Buitenhaus and Rebecca Taylor sailing alternate races were second overall and first in the Tribe category with John Iglehart coming third overall and second in the Warrior category. Simon Perry (image below) picked up the top speed of the weekend to round out the prizes!

Jerry Hill crowned Chief of the Tribe for overall win at final 2018
Tribal gathering.


Jerry Hill was somewhat surprised by his win (as were the TRIBE!) having just taken delivery of his new boat in Spain. Jerry stated...

"I didn’t really expect to do so well considering the company I was in, but keeping the boat on the foils, not making mistakes and plenty of righting moment seemed to do the trick quite nicely…I suspect it may be difficult to hang on to the trophy long term as everyone is on a really steep learning curve improving their foiling skills."

Congratulations Jerry!


Up and foiling for the first time!
Congratulations to John Gronan who got up and foiling for the first time in an F101 with our Foiling World coaches Alan and Rob! Perfect timing as it was just in time for the start of the Tribal gathering race weekend, go John...

New North America dealership signed.
Foiling World are also pleased to announce that John's company, Topper Sailboats Canada, have been appointed F101 dealer for North America with their F101 dealer agreement being signed during the Tribal gathering. 

The all new camera bracket.

Trialled at the Tribal gathering this is now available as an option on the F101. It features a new rudder stock pin linked to a carbon tube and a printed fitting that then allows Go-Pro or Garmin Virbs to be fitted. Happy filming!

Top speeds caught on camera.

With these cameras having a speed channel we will also us this to monitor the speeds attained by our Tribe! Top speed in Mar Menor was 17.4 knots attained by Simon Perry in approximately 12 knots during one of the races at the Tribal gathering. 
With an emphasis on foiling and manoeuvres, such as foiling gybes, we have probably not emphasised the launching and landing aspects of the F101 enough. We always set out for the F101 to be similar to launching, say a Laser. The main is hoisted on a halyard, the foils both lift vertically and you get the boat to the water on a launching trolley.



F101 modifications from the Tribe.

With the tribe coming together it was also an opportunity to look at small modifications Tribe members are making to the F101. Straight out of the moth class has come the addition of a piece of elastic to restrict tiller movement. Simply fitted, it provides feedback of increased force as soon as you are using excessive amounts of tiller movement – simple and effective.

Paul Goodison, three-time Moth World Champion had been sailing the F101 on Lake Garda and added this to the Negri Nautica Garda test boat, he then followed the Tribe ethos of simply sharing this to allow all owners to benefit from his world class input into the F101.

Looking to get into foiling?

Refurbished boats for sale.
If you want to join the F101 Tribe, then we have some refurbished boats for sale. These will be available in December ready for the 2019 season. Contact for details. 

The season may be over but the fun doesn't stop for everyone!

Those Tribe member with boats based in Mar Menor in Spain for the winter will most likely take advantage of Pro Vela's awesome winter training deal with a range of training weekends throughout November, December and January.

F101 takes you through your foiling journey, providing a progression pathway from the beginner foiler to the Olympian. F101 sets new challenges and goals at whatever level you come in; from expert to beginner.
— Rob Andrews, Director, Foiling World.

October Newsletter 2018


Hi Tribe,

The last month has been a busy time trying to get the F101 more exposure and working on links for our global distribution. For the TRIBE (those who have bought boats) then the F101 Whatsapp group is still our main way of sharing stories, technique and general encouragement for those that have bought, and are learning to foil, with F101’s.

For those that are thinking of joining the TRIBE and owning an F101 these newsletters, that we are aiming to produce monthly, are our way of keeping you updated.

Seahorse Magazine has run information and photos on the F101 in the October and November issue and we hope to get the editor, Andrew Hurst out on an F101 in Weymouth before the end of the year. The Foiling Experience Day we ran at Draycote was influenced by the wind gods, with only 100 mts. of foiling as the wind never arrived! Ironically as I write this we have a demo booked for someone flying in from Sweden at Weymouth and the forecast is gales! Mind you it also clashes with Weymouth Speed Week, so perhaps we should have known! also ran an article on scoring options that we hope to introduce for the next Tribal Gathering in Mar Menor at the start of November. Read the full article via the link below.

"A Time for Change! Ideas from Rob Andrews put into practice with the F101 Tribal gatherings."

Screen Shot 2018-10-19 at 16.25.56.png


November  2018

We are really excited by the next Tribal Gathering, with entries from USA, CAN, ITL, NED, ESP and GBR. The TRIBE will define how 2019 will work from an event perspective, so that we can deliver events that the owners actually want and will support.

As well as the scoring options, we have been thinking about course design...

SCORING: where you can sail with a friend (Tribe option) and share a boat and still compete, or have a friend who just sails in one race (Joker Option) and all will compete against the Warrior options where you compete in every race.

COURSES: the Tribe are still developing foiling skills and the courses will reflect this, aiming to progressively increase downwind gybing skills and also upwind foiling skills. Everyone is currently successful on a reach, now it's time to go deeper downwind, and as we do, we also want you to have the skills to foil back upwind. There will be plenty of tips for share amongst the Tribe.



We have recently changed the position of the screw that holds the wand on – moving it from the front face to the side. This allows you to easily check the wand angle when the foil is in the boat by simply removing the wand to allow the wand arm to move. 45 degree of wand angle with an even amount of red and green bobble is the base measurement. To allow everyone to easily check this we have created a short video which is on the F101 You Tube page. We may also create a clip on template that sets the flap at the correct angle against the main foil.


Now that the F101 has had all the production areas resolved with the help of the early adopters and founder TRIBE members, we are moving onto associated areas of the F101.

The TRIBE should see the latest camera bracket at the Tribal Gathering. It consists of a new rudder pin, a carbon tube, camera bracket clamp (to fit Go-Pro and Garmin cameras) and two clips. Photos and feedback to follow in the next newsletter!
We are also developing a new alloy trolley and box trailer. The aim being that the alloy trolley can either be used for car topping or as part of the box trailer. Inside the box trailer you can lock away fully fitted foils, beam, tramps and sails, with the hull and floats sitting on top, using the new alloy trolley. Simply roll the trolley onto the combination clamps that sit on top of the box. Photos and feedback as soon as we have a prototype, with emphasis on secure storage and fast pack-up and rigging.
As we start to move the boats around we will also need trailing covers and we should have a prototype set built by HYDE at the Tribal gathering.

Mid November 2018

Feedback from the main Tribal event: Mar Menor, Spain
The racing, the characters, the gossip!
PLUS information on a unique opportunity to join the TRIBE through a refurbished F101.

Until next time...

Foiling World

The Tribe.jpg

Join Our Foiling Experience Day

Saturday Sessions 6th October, Draycote Water.

A unique foiling experience, do something different THIS weekend!


There are still a few spaces left for our Saturday session where Foiling World experts Alan Hillman and Rob Andrews will be providing intensive training sessions.

This experience day is aimed at existing sailors who want to try foiling. With no more than three sailors in each session you are guaranteed to get hands-on personal coaching.

What’s included?

Start your session with a short simulation, on-shore session where Alan and Rob take you through the fundamental skills required to foil easily as well as the function and features of the F101. 

On the water you will get to learn from others as you take turns jumping onto an F101 from the coaching RIB to start foiling. Alan and Rob will be out on the water with you the whole time to provide professional instructions. With our built in BB communication system it will be as though you have a coach in the boat with you as you will be able to hear coaching advice whilst on-board the F101, making learning and advancement that much easier.

Your free foiling book: after your training session you will be rewarded with a free copy of Alan’s highly popular publication, “The Foiling Dinghy Book,” to take home and continue your learning.


Spaces are limited as Foiling World maintains small groups to keep coaching personal with hands-on learning. To book a session this Saturday 6th October please contact: or call Alan Hillman on 07917 678 299.

Course costs £95.00 per person (if you purchase an F101 after the course this fee is deducted from the price of the boat). Choose your  3 hour session of (9-12) or (1-4).

#JoinTheTribe #FoilingWorld


September Newsletter: Tribal Gatherings, Foiling And Technical Updates from F101.

Tribal Gatherings.

Venue: Mar Menor, Spain
Dates: November 9th to 12th 2018
Format: Racing Saturday and Sunday – sailing before and after for those that can!

The F101 Tribe are formally invited to attend the next Foiling World Tribal gathering.

We will introduce the new Tribe friendly format where you can either sail every race or compete and score results based on every second race - ideal for sharing with a friend. We will also allow you to play a “Joker”, (only one per day) where someone else can sail your boat and count the result for you. If they win, they are a winner takes all result, more details will follow!

This will be a great Tribal Gathering where we'll be running a training course for our Dealers in the run-up to the event. We hope to have representatives from the United Kingdom, Spain, France, Italy, United States, Canada and possibly even Australia! 



We all need help to get the most out of our sailing so we are pleased to now have coaching available in the UK. Simon Hiscocks, top Moth sailor and Olympic Medalist now has an F101 in Weymouth at the National Sailing Academy (a great venue and home of the 2012 Olympics).

For information on coaching courses with Simon please contact We also hope to have Simon at the Tribal Gathering in November; check out his gybing skills below and we're sure you'll agree he would be a great person to play the Joker for you!
If you or any of your friends are interested in joining the Tribe and purchasing an F101 Alan and Rob will be running a Try Flying course at Draycote Water on October 6th, please contact us at for details. 

Simon Hiscocks Does Foiling Gybe During First Outing In The F101

Sail with a friend.jpg

F101 Against The Rest...

Last week, when sailing with Simon in Weymouth, we came across some squad Laser sailors out in their Waszp Moths (5 of them). It was interesting to note that even with the windage of the Zero, we were at a very similar speed upwind, sometimes higher and faster. Downwind it  was over 11 knots and our Zero was not being used and we are happy to report back that we were lower, and faster and if they made a mistake, they crashed and capsized while the F101 simply touched down and went off again, making it a pretty easy winner down wind.

We are thinking of doing Bart's Bash in September as well as Weymouth Speed Week! We will report back in a future newsletter with our findings. 

Dealer Update.

Boats are now active with dealers in Spain, France, italy and China. Pietro has been putting the hours in on Lake Garda, so we are looking forward to his arrival at a Tribal gathering. Spain will be a great opportunity to share stories and technique improvements, all part of the Tribe ethos of sharing experiences and learning from each other. These will also be shared in subsequent newsletters.

Foil In An F101 With Negrinautica. 

Technical Changes.

The carbon Zero brackets should now be with you and if anyone is missing one simply let us know. We will also be sending out the last of our upgrades which is the Harken produced replacement stainless steel version of the Gnav slider that sits on the boom. We had a number of the original alloy versions break in very strong winds and this will solve that issue, this will be a slight weight gain but worth it in terms of reliability. 


Changing of the Guard!

We are sad to say that Jerry Hill, founder member of FOILING WORLD, will be taking a less active role as we move forwards. Always part of the team, Jerry will still be at events sailing, socialising but not mending or rigging boats, as he will be there as a sailing member of the TRIBE. We would just like to take this opportunity to thank Jerry for his vision and dedication in getting the F101 to where it is today and now we look forward to sailing against him.


F101 Foiling Coaching Now Available In The UK

Opportunities to experience the F101 are now available in the UK. Foiling World have teamed up with Simon Hiscocks from Shock Sailing, with Simon running foiling coaching using an F101 based at the Weymouth and Portland National Sailing Academy. Simon, a World Class International Moth sailor and Olympic medallist talks of looking forward to using the F101.

Simon Hiscocks Shocks sailing.jpeg

“The F101 allows the foiling experience and coaching to be opened up to a far wider sailing audience than has currently been available through the existing boats on the market. I cannot wait to start teaching sailors to foil, who can experience this amazing aspect of our sport and then, with the F101, become foiling sailors developing their skills for the future.”

In addition to Simon running the courses in Weymouth at the WPNSA, throughout September and October the F101 is going out on the road with a “Try Foiling Course” day running in conjunction with Draycote Water Sailing Club (DWSC) on Saturday October 6th. The half day course will run from DWSC using the F101, places are limited to eight split across the day with tuition from Alan Hillman and Rob Andrews.

Simon Hiscocks F101 shocks sailing.jpeg

A copy of Alan’s “The foiling Dinghy Book”, published by Fernhurst will be included in each of the student packs at Draycote. Both Alan and Rob have extensive foiling experience, with Alan foiling for the past ten years, putting all this experience together in his foiling book. Rob has over twenty years Olympic coaching and recently project managed the GB entry that won the Red Bull Youth Americas Cup sailed on the AC45F in Bermuda. He is now a converted foiler, loving the challenge of new goals to match his foiling ability.

For more information or to book a place on a course email

N.B. Foiling courses are also available using the F101 in Spain, Italy, France and China, with more countries in the pipeline.

I cannot wait to start teaching sailors to foil in an F101
— Simon Hiscocks, Shock Sailing

Watch Simon Pull Off The Foiling Gybe On His First Outing In An F101


The Tribal Gathering Comes To Mar Menor!

The Tribe.jpg

The Details.

Date: 10-11 November 2018
Location: Mar Menor, Spain

The next Tribal gathering commences in the amazing Mar Menor on 10-11 November 2018 as well as a further series of training and events throughout the winter prior to the 2019 Tribal tour.

Details of the Tribal tour are being finalised (so stay tuned) however it is looking as though the South of France and Italy, in conjunction with our dealers, are hot on the list!

For dealer contact information in France
Thierry Wibaux
00 33 6 111 888 49

For dealer contact information in Italy:
Pietro Negri
+39 02 90002661/2

Looking to join the Tribe?

Ever wondered what it's like to be a part of our F101 Tribe? Like what you see and looking to join in on the fun? Sounds great! Find out more about the Tribe and how to get involved

#F101Tribe #FoilingWorld

Highlights from the last F101 Hampionships.


July Reviews, Competitions, Technical Updates And More!


F101 Arrives In China

We are delighted to announce that the Beijing Sailing Centre, based at the Azure Beach Sailing Club, has just taken delivery of their brand new F101. Beijing Sailing Centre are to become the first foiling training centre in China and will be working alongside Pro-Vela to provide training for foiling instructor coaches.
These photos show instructors at the training centre during their first few days of professional training, great stuff guys!

Technical Updates

As part of our drive to make the F101 as functional and easy to foil, we have decided to update the Code Zero cleating platform. The new bracket has been designed in carbon fibre to compliment the specification of the entire boat. The function remains the same but we should have less flex and a much longer life span than the original brackets. For all current owners of an F101 these will be delivered for retro fitting in the coming week and from July this year will be the standard fitting on any new F101.

We have also had a small number of failures of the alloy kicker mounting on the boom, so have decided to replace this with a stainless steel version. Once available this will be supplied to all current owners, as well as fitted as standard to new boats.

As well as looking at reliability and function we are also looking to make the boat more enjoyable to sail. To this end we have a prototype camera bracket where a modified rudder pin has attached a carbon tube and a fitting that takes either GoPro or Garmin cameras. This is ideal for coaching, feedback on your sail or bragging rights as to your top speed, we hope to have production versions out and on sale by August that can be easily fitted to all existing F101’s. 


Retro Fit Carbon Zero Brackets Coming To All Existing F101's

All part of the F101 production process.


Recent Boat Deliveries

In the last few weeks we have delivered new boats to Italy, the USA, China, Cornwall (in the UK) and France. Some of these are for dealers who we will announce soon and some are for private owners.

The F101 Tribe is growing!

The Hampionships Come To Mar Menor!

The next instalment of the F101 Hampionships commences in the amazing Mar Menor on 10-11 November 2018 as well as a further series of training and events throughout the winter prior to the 2019 Tribal tour. Details of the Tribal tour are being finalised however it is looking as though the South of France and Italy, in conjunction with our dealers, are hot on the list!

For dealer contact information in France:
Thierry Wibaux
00 33 6 111 888 49

For dealer contact information in Italy:
Pietro Negri
+39 02 90002661/2



The Tribe is a global community of F101 sailors. We are attracting interest and buyers from all four corners of the globe. As a result the Tribe has been set up to create a modern, innovative platform as a way for F101 sailors to interact, share their experiences, swap stories and images as they embark upon their journey in sailing their F101. Find out more here.


F101 Tribe Members Descend on ProVela for the International F101 World Hampionships.

This would be an Easter weekend like no other, the 30th March saw our F101 Tribe travel from the USA, France, Netherlands, Spain and the UK to gather at ProVela for the international F101 World Hampionships (yes that’s spelt right!).

Six boats and nine Tribe competitors, as well as the design and build team from Foiling World, arrived to a stunning weather forecast, ready to contest the infamous F101 Ham prize over three days of intense coaching, competition and après-foiling socials.

The Hampionships organisation team consisted of Chris Eades from ProVela, London 2012 Olympic Games Sailing Event Manager, Rob Andrews, Former Extreme 40 Race Director, Alan Hillman, and two-time SB20 World Champion, Jerry Hill.

Ten races were held on Saturday 31st with Ron Price winning his first ever F101 race, congratulations Ron! Other race winners included John Iglehart, Alan Hillman, Martijn Buitenhuis and Simon Perry with Simon holding on to a small lead.

The following day numerous race winners were counted, however after looking at the daily scores over six foiling races it was Martijn Buitenhuis who had a small points lead over Simon Perry. That’s a close competition guys!

Here’s a summary of how the Hampionship days unfolded.

Day 1

This day was all about the briefing, rigging and preparation for what would be the long distance coastal race of the event.

The Tribe set off in a fickle 4-6 knots on what was initially a fetch from Los Alcazares to the new home of ProVela’s foiling club in Mar De Cristal, eight miles along the coast of the Mar Menor. These light winds were not to stay for long with the breeze swiftly turning to the south resulting in an increase to 20 knots.

This proved a kind gift from the gods to competitors that had hugged the Mar Menors west coast, seeing gains over the boats that jetted off early to pass close to the Isla de Perdiguera who were left with an upwind finish just to the West of Baron Island.

The first Tribe member to make it home was John Iglehart who enjoyed some refreshing breeze off the Mar De Cristal marina as he waited for the rest of the fleet to make it home. 

The breeze made for epic foiling conditions resulting in the entire fleet playing around outside the marina before finally coming ashore to be greeted by ProVela staff armed with cold beers, ready to enjoy the warm, sunny evening.

Day 2

Based on a forecast of light winds the Tribe called for a lay morning. Whilst the sea breeze built, many Tribe members spent the early hours of the day mountain biking and visiting the historic city of Cartagena to see the roman amphitheatre, whilst others simply worshipped the sun.

As the day progressed Foiling World held a short briefing and then proceeded to go through useful learning tips such as best practices, boat set-ups, turning and boat handling. The rules for the day were then decided upon in order to align with the current foiling skills of the Tribe.  

From here it was all hands on deck and racing began! The Tribe faced reaching starts, fast foiling reaches and foiling (ish) gybes at the turning mark before a screaming reach home to the finish line. As fatigue set in crews rotated, deciding to maximise the opportunity for personalised coaching. After ten races the Tribe called racing for the day to an end just in time for a late dinner at the nearby picturesque Spanish fishing village of Cabo De Palos.

As the sunset and the muscles ached, everyone enjoyed an evening of fun with friends and family before the foiling action started again the next day.
The following day’s programme was again decided by the Tribe and based on a building sea breeze for the afternoon. With further mischief available in Cartagena some of the senior Tribe members were seen leading the fleet astray, which may explain why some were deemed to be “mission in action” before day three.

Day 3

By the morning of day three most competitors had recovered sufficiently from the previous evenings’ shenanigans before the start of the 14:00 coaching seminar where lessons focussed on downwind foiling techniques. This would be needed as the race management team had set the Tribe some reaching starts to a wing mark followed by a dead downwind leg which would have to be negotiated by foiling deep and gybing, before rounding up the full-on hike-athlon on a close reach back to the finish line.

After an afternoon of flying around in 8-10 knots in perfect sunshine the exhausted fleet were shepherded back to the marina for de-briefing and prize giving. All competitors were scored by a combination of peer group perception and race results over the three days of competition.

Interestingly Martijn thought Simon had won and Simon thought Martijn had won, which goes to show how close the racing was!

The prize giving then took a moment to thank the event sponsors ProVela, Foiling World Hyde Sails, Harken and Gul for all their support.

The Tribe ethos of sailing a great boat, in great places with great people stood true…
fun before everything.

Would you like to become a member of the Tribe and learn to foil?

To become a Tribe member you first need to own an F101. Once a part of our Tribe you will be involve in all the behind-the-scenes action where we chat through fastest times, things we’re learning, events and more.

Want to give it a try?

We are offering tailored courses with fully trained instructors. Click here to find out more.