He Did a Foiling Gybe

And it went a little bit like...


Trim to balance…

Simon Hiscocks Does Foiling Gybe During First Outing In F101


learn To foil without capsizing.



Learning to foil has never been easier...here's why.

Using a Garmin VIRB to record your top F101 speeds!

Thanks to Tribe Member Mike Wood for the footage!

Okay so next time we'll mount the camera the other way up!

F101 Features On World Sailing

F101 Assembly Timelapse

F101 Tribe foiling day in Spain

Introducing Pro-Vela

Foiling 101 action footage camera flyover #FoilingWorld

F101 foiling with two people #FoilingWorld

Hyde Sails joined us for a fun day trying out the new foiling F101! #FoilingWorld #HydeSails

We encountered a school of Oppie's during today's f101 testing session! #FoilingWorld

One of the advantages of the F101 is that you can go foiling with 2 people.

F101 is making it easier than ever to get out on the water and learn to foil #F101Tribe

A beautiful day out foiling with the F101 #F101Tribe

Since the F101 was first launched we have been doing extensive testing which went a little something like this! #F101Tribe